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Newton Conveyors' Bucket Elevators offer a practical, efficient and economical means of elevating a wide variety of dry and free flowing bulk materials.  Typical elevators consist of a series of buckets mounted on chain or belt and enclosed in steel casings.  Take-ups in the foot terminal  allow compensation for changes in chain or belt length due to temperature, wear, etc...   Head sections are fabricated from heavy duty steel with 12 Ga. split hood sections.  All head sections are supplied with an adjustable discharge lip to ensure adequate discharge of material.  Since bucket elevators are generally fully enclosed, they are ideally suited for either indoor or outdoor applications. 

Newton Convyeors' Bucket Elevators are designed to cover practically every need in elevating loose bulk material.  For every material there is a choice of one or more types and sizes which will serve your needs.  Should there be any doubt in selecting the type of elevator, our engineers will gladly assist you in selecting the proper unit.

Types of Bucket Elevators

Continuous Bucket

Centrifugal Discharge

Cement Mill

Super Capacity

Parts of a Bucket Elevator

Head Section

Boot Section

Other Components

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you, requirements you may have for bucket elevators.  We respond to inquiries quickly and you will find our prices and deliveries very competitive.  We look forward to quoting on any specific bucket elevators needs that you may have.

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