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                    Abrasion Resistant

In conveying applications where abrasion is a problem, Newton Conveyors' hard surfaced, abrasion resistant screws afford an effective practical and economical solution.  Newton Conveyors' hard surfaced screws have been utilized successfully in numerous applications and can often increase normal service life over mild steel screws as much as 500 %.  In certain applications, an even greater degree of wear life may be obtained.  To produce hard surfaced screws, Newton Conveyors uses two different alloys which are applied to the carrying face of the flighting. 

Number 1 Hard Face

Number 1 Hard Face is generally used on medium weight helicoid screws and is intended for medium duty abrasive requirements.  the material is a sweat on paste composed of chromium boride crystals.  Abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance are good and there is no noticeable build up of the hard face area.  Number 1 hard face also produces excellent weld ability characteristics and could be applied to the entire screw including the pipe. 

Number 2 Hard Face

Number 2 Hard Face is generally used on sectional screws and is intended for highly abrasive requirements.  It is used on the sides or edges of the screw flight and should not be used to coat the entire screw.  Abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance are good and excellent weld ability characteristics are obtained.

Hard Facing


#1 Hard Facing


#2 Hard Facing

General Hard Face Notes

1.  All screws requiring hard surfacing must at minimum be continuously welded on the carrying side.

2.  Minimum flight tip thickness for Number 1 Hard Face is 3/16".

3.  Minimum flight thickness for Number 2 Hard Face is 1/4".

4.  In Number 2 Hard Face is required on the edge of the screw flight, minimum flight thickness is 3/8".

Helicoid screws may use Number 1 hard face only.  Sectional screws can use Number 1 or 2 hard face.  Hard surfacing enables most standard or stock screws to be utilized for severely abrasive conditions.  

Maximum performance and service life from hard surfaced screws may be obtained only from precise application procedures.  Newton Conveyors' abrasion resistant screws are manufactured by personnel with extensive experience and skill.

Screw Dia.

Standard Width   Of Hard Facing

















Abrasion Resistant Steel

Sectional screws may be formed of abrasion resistant steels on special order.

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